Meet Me || 10 Most Used Apps On My Phone

Phones are the most used possessions in the world. It was created to make life easier and better though it can knock you off if you aren’t careful. I am addicted to my phone, I live with it, check what I did while I was offline here.

Who’s also guilty of waking up to check phone before saying an actual prayer?

In no particular order, these are my most used apps and how lifesaving they have been.


The best way to improve your vocabulary is looking up words as soon as they come and NOBODY moves around with a manual dictionary so this has to be the best thing to have happened to phones.

I open this app everyday to check for spellings, meanings and pronunciations.

Everyone needs a dictionary.


I am a fair caller though I prefer chats. I receive and place calls on a daily hence phone should be on this list.


Music while I work, bath or cook is the bomb. I listen to songs that suit my mood at a time so mornings you might find me listening to Simi’s Aimasiko, Christaina’s A Thousand Years, Chidinma’s Yanga or Drake’s God’s Plan.

At noon, I’m listening to Rihanna’s Desperado, Olamide’s Motigbana, Wizkid’s Soco Burna Boy’s Gbona or anything I like. I like that this app helps keep recently played songs in a folder that way I don’t bother skipping a song while bathing.

Musixmatch is also a good app it helps you get lyrics on the go.


I take pictures most times. I love my camera how else can a girl capture her looks! My selfie game is lit check my Instagram for proof (@ fareedah.abdul).

I also make videos and watch them much later.


This is my digital book when I don’t have a pen to a paper, I’m scribbling here so I don’t forget. This is a fave.

The best diary is in thy heart so I will advise you don’t write what you can’t afford to let out.


This is my playground, my what’sApp is never boring and I get to chat! Voila it just had to be here.

I really love that status feature on whatsApp, it’s so cool.

I get to talk to a lot of people at the same time


I LOVE Instagram. I can spend 6hrs on IG, moving from page to page, learning stuff, getting motivated etc. It’s a very important platform for bloggers but even before I started blogging, Instagram has been my thing.

You can check me out @fareedah.abdul and please click the follow button!

My semi-lazy nature hasn’t made me explore Instagram to its maximum as I don’t know if I like to use some of its features (instastory, IGTV)


When I opened twitter I was very careful because twitter isn’t a street for the coolies but I’m having fun tweeting, retweeting and reading away!

There’s more to twitter than those banters and sometimes twitter fame can spot you and make you popular. I get news, motivation, gists etc from twitter. I love twitter and I have an anonymous twitter account.


I don’t do this on a daily but I get to watch videos from my fave YouTubers monthly.

Some are; Toke moments, Sisi Yemmie, Haniella diaries, Dimmah Umeh, Jae Majette, JTO, PYN, ZXO, Zeelicious foods, Dates with Danie, Ronkeraji, Hafymo, Sebinaah, Sabinah Hannan and anything new I want to see.

I should make a post about my fave YouTubers


I play games when my network is wacky or sub finishes or just bored. They are a good way to relax.

The games I like includes: candy crush, zuma, word cookies, logo games.

Did you notice how 4 apps are Social Media and honestly Opera Mini should be here, I use it to open blogs, check or download stuff.

Now over to you.

What are the most used apps on your phone?

Which is your favorite?

Do we have anything in common?

Leave me a comment, I’d like to here from you.




Scribble|| Appreciation x Things I Learned Offline

This has to be the longest title ever. Can we talk about my hiatus, I was offline. I missed every single one of you! Yes, I mean it!

My blog readers, you guys are awesome! Sometimes when the imposter syndrome gets in, then I convince myself that;

  • this is a way of saving my posts.
  • I could refer someone here.
  • a way to showcase my skills.

Boom, I get calls from persons telling me they haven’t heard from me in a while or a comment from a course mate saying “I read your blog” or some persons calling me “blogger”…… Honestly I feel honoured, happy and important.

It keeps me motivated and sane (bad jokes)

Thank you all for visiting, it means a lot. These said, I’m coming your way with more juicy stuff!!!

My addiction to phone came as a result of being indoors. I can’t be bothered going out, I don’t have too many friends and going out solo wasn’t my thing.

Here are things I did offline

  • Knitting : I love making things. I learned this skill over 10 years ago but I’ve been too busy to even practice, well until boredom came down on me. I searched for things I could do, of course without much stress. I found myself knitting a hairnet. This is just for fun as I rarely ever wear a hairnet. It’s so uncomfortable!

  • I went out solo : I rarely go out, I don’t even know my way around but I went on a little adventure all alone, asked a lot of questions about roads. It felt really good!
  • I got everyone’s time : I’m a bit of a loner, I don’t talk to people around because phone and some have tagged me a snub. I’m not a snub, I actually love to talk that’s after I’m done with my phone. These days I find myself genuinely talking to my family and friends over the phone. Normally, I would have hurried them off my phone to continue my Instagram but that wasn’t happening so I calmed myself and spoke like the most sensible person ever!
  • I wake up early : My mum has been my alarm system over years because she’s an early riser! Erase that, she wakes up too early and don’t go back to sleep. I have told her the body needs plenty of sleep! I sleep early then wake up early as well.
  • I read a lot of novels : I get books, then take 2 years to finish it. Most people fantasize about romantic novels like they don’t even want to read a book if it isn’t romance!

Newsflash!!! I’m about the crime / suspense books. They keep you glued and somehow makes you think. I used to think solving a crime was boring but I know better.

I always feel like a detective after reading such!

  • I learned shaku shaku : I feel I should write this is caps! I’m not much of a dancer, my dancing skills went down the drain as I got older and boring but I still move my body, terribly and unapologetically. I watched my sisters dance with interest and they taught me the shaku shaku move. It took long but I’m okay with the baby steps!

Did you notice how this post sounded personal? I’m about to introduce a new section to the blog. “MEET ME” is a section I’d share tiny bits of myself because it feels good knowing people behind blogs. I do hope you find it interesting.

Ps: The novel in the flatlay isn’t the crime one I was talking about.

Now over to you!

What do you do offline?

Leave me a comment, I’d like to hear from you!



Food ||Coconut Chips

Hi everyone!

I have been MIA blame it on school, I’m not back though but this post has been sitting in my journal for a while so it finally made it’s way here! Yay!

In today’s post I’d be sharing this sweet and easy coconut chips recipe that can serve as a snack.

Several months ago I heard a little cracking sound in the house. I was anxious. What could that be?

My mom ask that I check the coconuts and see if it’s broken/cracked. Oh I sure didn’t know coconuts needed watering after harvest. Now you do too. Thank me later.

In Nigeria coconut sellers always find time to sprinkle a little water on the coconuts which could be for cracks and colour.

Coconuts are drupes eaten worldwide and used in a wide variety of dishes, drinks and oils/ointments.

We have:

  • Coconut rice
  • Coconut oil
  • Coconut drinks
  • Coconut chips.

Coconuts have been argued to get this origin from the Pacific Ocean because “HOW DID WATER GET INTO THE HARD FRUIT?”

I love the milky and creamy taste of it. I eat coconut raw too but attention Pls!!! Am I the only person who finds it hard to swallow the remains of the coconut?

I almost don’t like to eat coconut raw if I’m wearing a glossy lipstick. “I can’t mess with the fine girl”


You will need:

  • Coconut
  • Sugar
  • Water or coconut water.


Grate coconut into tiny pieces.

Method :

Place pan on fire, caramelize sugar in water. Add grated coconuts and stir till all brown.

(caution- do not touch with bare hands!)

Your chips are ready!!!!

Bon Appetit!

Recently someone tweeted this.

Now over to you.

Did you know you have to water coconuts on the ground?

Have you seen coconuts been harvested?

Are you familiar with this recipe and do you wish to try?

Do you have a special name for this dish?

Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you.



What’s In My Bag!

Bags are made for fashion, ease/comfort etc but to me (for now, student life) they are more functional than aesthetical which is why I carry a big/ tote bag/ backpack.

I am a bag person, I carry a bag everywhere or a purse as the case maybe. It saves me time, basically I throw everything inside and I’m good to go!

I have complied a list of my few must-be-in-my-bag when you catch me out and why I do keep them.


As a student & scribbler (read as blogger), inspirations don’t tell me “I’m on the way”. They just pop and I wouldn’t want to forget so I always take my pen with me. I write with a black pen, I just love the colour.

A pen needs no battery.


I am a notepad collector. I love books! I always go around with a small notebook/ journal for scribbling and if my bag isn’t too big I see myself tearing a sheet of paper to fold in. It has helped me a lot and if there’s no paper, I just write the key word(s) on my palm (lol I need to grow up).


Considering how addictive I can be to this item, it was supposed to be the first on my list but some people have given me reasons to doubt if really this item should go out to certain places.

I press phone too much says my mom

I use my phone for a whole lot of things (typing, pictures, alarm, social media etc) which drains my battery faster.


I’m team fine girl so I always go out with these just in case I need a pat on my lips.


As a hijabi, I need to secure my turbans and these pins run faster than Usain Bolt. They also go bad easily so a good way to always keep your turban in check is keeping the pins close!

I.D Card/ATM Card

I have been warned severally on the importance of an ID card hence I’m sticking to rules.

Carrying an ATM card can be a blessing and a curse too. A blessing when you need vex money and a curse on impulse spending ( talking from my student account).

I must have at least my transport fare back home!


Dear Nigerian students attention please! Does your school ask for passports everytime?!?!

I don’t remember to bring them when needed so a safer way is to move around with it. It will save you a lot of time. Thank me later.


If you don’t always have to rush out to beat some obstacles before heading to class you wouldn’t know this struggle!

Somehow, I always forget them in my trolley but I have more in my purse so I just get back on track! I’m a ring lover!

I should add earrings to this list, lately I get to class then remember I left my earrings! So maybe an extra pair won’t be bad!


This is a new member. I’m not much of an earphone person. I rarely listen to music in crowded places, I take my earphones when I have to see a movie, listen to a new favorite song or basically distract people’s attention from myself.

My purse houses most of the little items.

There are also papers, receipts, tellers, biscuits/gum wrappers, tissue paper, and sometimes a nail file.

Why do I feel like I’m betraying the ladies by not having powder, lipstick, perfume, hand sanitizer, body/hand cream, mirror,magazines,novels etc. in my bag?

This is a student version, I’d probably do another what’s in my bag post sometimes later so I can check the change. Perhaps I will have the above items in the bag. *winks*

How’s my flatlay? I need a tutor, check out my first flatlay here

Do you think I missed anything?

What do we have in common?

What’s in your bag?

Leave me a comment.



Self help || The Power Of Volunteering

Hi everyone, welcome back to the blog as you all know I’m Fareedah Abdul, a Food, Life & Style blogger. Today I’d be sharing some of those tips to help us get better. If you like this kind of post, please be sure to click the like button and follow / subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already. So let’s get into today’s post.

Lol, your girl has been seeing too much Youtube videos, I know it isn’t cool for my data bundle but we move.

If you are new to the blog you can check out my other self help post here. This is a section on the blog to help us grow.

Today’s post was initially titled “selling yourself ” (pun not intended) excuse the title, the actual meaning in my head is “shooting your shot, embracing and showcasing yourself ” but I changed my mind.

I was on twitter few days ago and a guy gave a story on how he got a very cool job with no connection and without even applying. I had to read the thread, people are struggling daily to have jobs you know.

It appeared the guy only volunteered to help and that gave him away.

He volunteered, was accepted, did the job, got praised and someone took interest and gave him a job.

Sounds like a fairytale but it’s REAL!

Here are the tips

Know your purpose : Ask yourself questions like, do I like this art. Is this what I feel for? Ok then I should get better at it.

Seize opportunities : Some opportunities to showcase our art/talent/passion sometimes comes in a masked form. The key word here is volunteer. Are you in a group and there’s something you are good /passionate about. Volunteer to help. Basically come up when needed (showcase)

Be good at it: Remember most people have a thing they are good at,

your friend is into media doesn’t mean media is your way out!

Jack of all trades ,master of none ( though times have changed and people are breaking rules)

Try to be better at what you do so your work speaks for you!

Don’t monetize everything : I know aside passion there’s money. Everyone loves money while that is okay, sometimes volunteering or interning for free/low pay is kind as you get the experience you may need.

In my country, most companies expect you to have some years of experience before hiring you. So who gets to employ you?

Live : This is very important. Remember to volunteer because you feel like or like what it is about so that when things don’t go as planned, your heart will still pace at normal.

Moderation is key, so as not to overwhelm yourself

Learn to enjoy everyday of your life (YOLO). Check that bucket list!

Life is not that serious FAM!

check out my cray bucket list post here

For someone like me, this message came as a huge inspiration. I hardly volunteer to do anything – reasons like the following have stopped me:

  • I can’t stress myself
  • No pay
  • Laziness
  • What am I to gain?
  • People would think I like oversabi

(oversabi is a Nigerian slang for a person who knows /does too much)

But right now, I want to open myself, maybe volunteer while living, remember it’s very important.

I really hope you do same.

Ps: Not an expert, just a reminder to myself.

Now over to you.

Do you often volunteer?

Have you interned for free/low pay before and has it opened any opportunities?

Do you hope to volunteer?



Scribble || The Royal Wedding

Hi everyone, I’m writing from a very low place as I tend to either lose words or not have enough courage to really write about things I’m very passionate about.

Ramadan Kareem to my Muslim brothers and sisters. I’m fasting away from home and it’s so hard. That and more has kept me away from the blog.

I started this blog because I wanted to show everyone what went through my journals. So forgive me that I’m bringing yet another scribble post, but honestly I think I’m good at it.

The internet broke the other day because Royal wedding.

Meghan Markle in wedding and reception gowns

Everyone was happy for Meghan Markle, for some she gave out inspiration and for others she gave them hope.

Meghan is said to come from a separated home and from an African American mother.

She went through schools, became an actress, owned a blog both from which she earned hugely.

She met Prince Harry on a blind date that was set by a mutual friend. They started dating in 2016.

Meghan is older than Prince Harry but she chose to be called his wife.

Meghan is a divorcee, can we all pause for a minute to scream wow! Yes she is! And in this part of the world women say in abusive relationships because “in their words : if I go out, men wouldn’t want to marry me”.

I believe there should be limits to the ill treatments you take under the umbrella of marriage.

She left her marriage in 2013.

Meghan is half white, half black and that which she bears with pride. The way Racism has become a thing in the outside world! Who would have known?! *wipes tears *

Meghan was an actress. Most people don’t go into the profession of their choices because they fear they won’t find a spouse but sometimes you need to live your life. I mean enjoy your life while waiting for someone to join in it.

Some twitter user was quick to say she gave up her career and blog. Let me add to that she deleted her social media accounts in 2017.

But her current role in the society really need none of that and I must say she chose wisely! So it’s her choice!

Another group are saying her makeup was subtle and that other persons would have to be beat their faces very well. Hello, as hard as I hate to be blunt, I would love to say her makeup, her day! Please if you want to wear all the colours on your face, please do if that makes you happy, there’s a reason it’s called “My big day “.

Some went ahead to judge her dress. Please “anything that works for you is true and right ” -did I just quote my philosophy lecturer!

To everyone out there desiring, seeking and praying for true love, may true love find you and when it does, don’t be ashamed to love the person right back. I mean look at these pictures! I must say all the odds were in her favour!

Meghan cut all rules and turned the tables! She’s the Duchess and deserved the media attention she got. Congratulations to her husband too!

Above age, race, class, relationships, and others. She can say love won! No wonder theres a saying :love is enough to conquer the world!

Don’t let shabby things stop you from finding true love and happiness!

Fact: Her roles includes Duchess of Sussex, Countess of Dunbarton and Baroness of Kilkeel.

Pc: Instagram

Over to you guys

How do you feel about the royal wedding?

Leave me a comment. I’d like to hear from you.



Scribble || All About Lagos

Hi loves.

I have missed everyone here. One little ant entered my ear who’s up for that story? I’m fine now. I hope y’all are good.

I want to introduce a new section to the blog here I will just let my fingers type freely. I hope you like it. So let’s unveil Scribble. Yay!!

In today’s post I will be scribbling about Lagos!

Diving in…

So I have never been to Lagos, not even the shore the farthest I have been is Benin. Y’all know how Lagos is a country on its own with its own mind!

It seems like everyone has been to Lagos so if you want to sponsor your girl. *I’ll be waiting *

From the books, articles, movies and stuffs I have seen, I think I can tell a friend about Lagos.

Here’s the story :

• Yellow buses

This is the danfo and highlight of Lagos, the buzz and fuss arena, the place where you mentally have to be alert knowing when to be a polished Nigerian, a casual one or a crazy one.

Someone told me that you don’t answer calls in danfos, just listen!!

You be trying to recharge your phone and someone at your back already did fastest fingers.

The preachers that will sell manpower later!

The amebos that will tell you to scroll back to the 1st photo.

Oh the ojuelegbe conductors that will tell you to jump off a moving bus while handing your change off to you!

• Traffic

Lagos won’t be complete without the active ingredient traffic!

Banky W did a video shoot at a very awkward hour because that is when it seemed nobody was on the road.

I was once stuck in a 20 min traffic and someone inside the bus was cussing , a young Corp member just told him to be grateful. “this is nothing, I spent 6 hours in Lagos traffic last week”

The height of it is you can’t doze off else maybe you would walk home in panties.

Everyone is always in a hurry, people wake up at awkward hours to beat traffic. Nobody waits for nobody to cross the damn roads!

• Division

Lagos has somehow clearly distinguished the area for the haves and haves not!

You hear of mainland and island!

Banana island housing celebrities, Admiralty way : maybe that’s a business district!

• Theft

You have to see “last flight to Abuja ” the guy was in the car making a call while a guy just casually collected the phone from his ear and walked away!

Everyone is minding their business

Or you have to see “picture perfect ” Kunbi couldn’t leave her car for she feared she might just meet the frame work the next day!

It’s a business district and no one ever goes into a major market casually hanging a small bag on the shoulder. They would fix you in your place!

• Baby Boys /Girls

It seems most boys/girls living the baby boy/girl lifestyle seem to be in Lagos.

From “fifty , lekki wives, husbands of lagos”. All living the competitive life!

Oh there’s a party next weekend I need new designers stuff!

• Entertainment

I think I once saw a bill of a night club on social media, it was hilarious! Clubs are a major thing in Lagos!

They go to chill out after a stressful week! No dulling!

Bukas are also popular. Iyabasira stew ati ewedu!

There’s always food.

The gorgeous Eko suites! how every event looks fabulous in there!

Cinemas ☑ latest movies!

Think owanbe!

• Celebrities

Most celebrities have moved to Lagos while some complain about the busyness of Lagos, some are actually living the life of the city!

Most people have seen celebrities because Lagos!

• Business

Like you know, Lagos is located at the extreme of the Nigerian map. Most things are first shipped into Lagos before they are dispersed to other states.

Is your business BIG and you don’t have an outlet in Lagos? Check again!

• School

I feel like anyone who attended Unilag and the likes, usually have a mind of entrepreneurship. Like they already started something in school.

Most people are attending events and that may mean opportunity!

I think Lagos gives someone a business ground to stand on. Yes Admist all competitions.

Lagos is a city that never sleeps

Lagos is Beautiful, Active and Alive!

I hope to go there soon and maybe when I’m there my view might change!

Funfact: Lagos is the smallest but most populous state in Nigeria.

Lagos used to be the capital of Nigeria.

Now over to you

Do you like this section of the blog?

Have you been to Lagos?

How do you view Lagos?

Leave me a comment. I’d like to hear from you